Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, consisting of the President and Vice-Presidents, provides direction in between the Board meetings.


EEB President

Mikael Karlsson (Dr) is a Senior Researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He is an agronomist and holds a PhD in Environmental and Energy Systems. His research focuses on environmental science and policy, including chemicals risk management, climate and energy policy, marine governance and sustainable supply chain management.

Mikael has long served as an expert on various public committees, boards and in High Level Groups on environmental issues, in Sweden and at the European Commission. He is a frequent participant and delegate at EU, OECD, WTO and UNEP meetings.

In 2002-2014, Mikael was the President of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. He has also chaired several other NGOs and is a Senior Partner at 2050 Consulting. He has been EEB President since 2005.


EEB President

Jouni Nissinen (MSc, Environmental Science and Policy) is the Head of the Environmental Policy Unit at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the largest EEB member in Finland. He has been an EEB Board member since 2008, Vice President since 2012 and EEB President since 2016.

Jouni has experience of working on all of the most pressing environmental issues in Finland and the Arctic, most notably Agenda 2030 and sustainable development, and mining and waste. On an international level, he follows the UN discussions on the environmental pillar of Agenda 2030, and is the Western European civil society regional representative to UNEP.

Photo by Jussi Ronkainen / FANC


EEB Vice President

Ana Barreira is a lawyer and Director and founding member of Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Medio Ambiente (IIDMA). She is also the attorney for Oceana Europe, an international NGO specialising in the protection of the marine environment. She has worked on environmental law, drafting and law implementation projects in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, México, Portugal, Republic of Montenegro, Republic of Serbia and Slovakia. Ana is a member of the IUCN Environmental Law Commission.

Attracta UI BHROIN

EEB Vice President

Attracta Uí Bhroin works with the Irish Environmental Network, a network of environmental non-government organisations (NGOs). Attracta is the facilitator for the Environmental Law Implementation Group -  a joint initiative with the Irish Government, whose objectives are to support the proper transposition and implementation of environmental law, including the further development of eNGOs’ capacity to leverage the law to support their missions.


EEB Vice President

Bernhard Zlanabitnig is the Director of the EU-Umweltbüro in Vienna, a service-, information- and coordination office for EU environmental law and policy hosted by EEB member Umweltdachverband. The EU-Umweltbüro aims to facilitate the work of Austrian environmental organisations and to inform an interested public. Bernhard’s work mainly focuses on biodiversity, EU nature laws and energy as well as the national/European implementation of the SDGs and the Circular Economy Package.


EEB Vice President

Bjela Vossen is the Head of the European Policy Department at the Deutscher Naturschutzring (DNR) - a German umbrella organisation consisting of 90 member organisations active in the field of nature conservation, animal and environmental protection.Together, DNR’s members represent more than five million individual members. Bjela and her team coordinate the EU activities of German environmental organisations in close collaboration with Brussels-based environmental organisations to influence EU policy – both in Brussels and Berlin.


EEB Vice President

Siim Vahtrus is the Chairman of the Board of Justice & Environment (J&E), a European network of public interest environmental law organisations. The network consists of 13 members from different countries that work for better environmental laws and their proper implementation all over Europe. Estonian by nationality and a lawyer by education, Siim currently lives and works in Tallinn, where he also leads J&E’s member the Estonian Environmental Law Center.