Set up in 1974, the EEB is Europe’s largest network of environmental NGOs, bringing together around 140 civil society organisations from more than 30 European countries (virtually all EU Member States plus some accession and neighbouring countries), including a growing number of European networks, with a combined membership of an estimated 15 million people.

What makes the EEB unique?

The EEB is the only European umbrella organisation that covers such a large number of environmental policy issues and is at the same time open to membership for all bona fide NGOs active in the field of the environment. This makes the EEB a unique and unifying actor for the European environmental movement and gives it a strong voice in EU and international policy processes.

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On these pages you’ll be able to get to know our diverse membership and get a flavour of what EEB membership could mean for your organisation. Download the membership application pack or contact us today for more information about how to join.



Close co-operation on the most pressing environmental issues with environmentalists from all over Europe

The EEB offers close co-operation, networking, information exchange and capacity building on almost all the main environmental issues and the EEB is also increasingly working on sustainable development issues at a global level.

Tailor-made information about what is happening at EU level in the field of the environment and tools to help you in your advocacy work back home

We analyse current EU affairs and keep our members informed about upcoming initiatives. We also provide our members with communication tools such as well-researched publications and statements to help them push for strong EU environmental and sustainability policies at national level.

Dedicated Working Groups on the majority of the issues covered by the EEB

Learn and exchange with colleagues and invited experts from all over Europe.

Contributions towards travel and accommodation costs to attend EEB events

The EEB has a dedicated budget to contribute towards the costs of travel and accommodation for its full members to participate in the EEB’s annual events and working group meetings.

Visibility and outreach

We give visibility to our members on our website and the possibility to promote members’ activities and partner search via our communication tools (social media, newsletter etc.).